The eco thermo loft ladder may be a cutting-edge solution, but in many ways, it works just like any other loft ladder, and that includes requiring assembly. We’ve prepared a visual installation guide to help guide you through the process! Consult the images we have prepared for you very carefully to make sure that your loft ladder is properly installed. We highly advise you have a professional handle the process so that you can enjoy the product to its fullest without any risk of malfunction.

Before you start the installation process, here are some safety precautions for you to follow:

  • When carrying objects up the loft ladder, always hold the object in one hand, and use the other for support,
  • Do not grab the hinges for support – only use the treads for that purpose,
  • The loft ladder supports up to 150 kilograms of weight – make sure you don’t carry so many items that you go beyond that limit,
  • Oil the hinges of your ladder every year in order to prevent corrosion,
  • Do not climb the ladder until fully extended.

For more tips on safety and installation, take a look at the graphics below.