This next-generation loft ladder is the ideal ecological and thermal solution. It combines functionality and high durability at a reasonable price.

The 3-section folding ladder is made of pine wood and comes equipped with a handrail for easier loft ladder usage. An additional advantage of this loft ladder is an extra barrier that other ladders do not have. The insulated hatch, coloured white, has a thickness of 36 mm and a heat transmittance efficient of 1.13 W/m2K.

When folded, the loft ladder is concealed in the ceiling, freeing up loft space. Thanks to the addition of a self-closing hatch, there is no lock fitted. The box frame is made of pine and sealed as part of the standard, ensuring superior tightness and total closure at the corners with patented hinges making it difficult to change the diagonals.

Treads are fitted using dovetail joints for added durability and equipped with special grooves for slippage prevention.

If you really want to save on heating bills and make your home as eco-friendly as possible, eco thermo wooden loft ladders are the best way to go. But don’t think that this is an exclusive product reserved only for a select few – our cutting-edge product is definitely a cheap wooden loft ladder in the best way possible. No other wooden folding loft ladders can help you save money in so many ways – not only through a low price in general, but also because you’ll save so much money on energy bills thanks to this thermally efficient solution.

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