The eco loft ladder is a cutting-edge solution that has the potential to revolutionise the way we consider loft ladders. It offers a degree of thermal efficiency unheard of until now, without sacrificing any of the main benefits of other modern wooden loft ladders. Don’t believe us? Just take a look at the eco loft ladder specifications.

  • The loft ladders come in a variety of sizes, allowing you to adjust them to your individual needs
  • There ladder swing radius, space after ladder unfolding, and length of opening in the ceiling come in two variants each
  • The hatch has a set of parameters that guarantees excellent insulation, is self-closing and finished with white HDF boards on both sides
  • The frame is made of pine wood and comes equipped with a sealing strip for maximum tightness
  • The ladder itself is made of pine wood and has a solid maximum safe loading capacity
  • The treads are made of pine wood and come with anti-slip profiles

Take a look at our charts below to get a detailed loft ladder specification for our product.

Folding loft ladder dimensions

Commercial Size [cm] ECO 60×111 ECO 60×120 ECO 70×111 ECO 70×120
External Frame Size [cm] 50×109 58×118 68×109 68×118
Weight [kg] 21.9 23.9 24.9 25.3
Height [cm] Maximum reach height: 280 cm Maximum reach height: 280 cm
A Ladder Swing Radius 159 162
B Space After Ladder Unfolding 108 121
C Length Opening in Ceiling 111 120

3 section loft ladder – technical specification


  • Thermo insulated thickness: 3.6 cm
  • Insulation thickness: 3 cm
  • Heat transmittance coefficient U 1.13 W/m2k
  • Finished with white HDF boards on both sides
  • Self-closing hatch, no lock fitted


  • Frame height: 14 cm
  • Made of pine wood
  • Equipped with sealing strip to ensures perfect tightness


  • Made of pine wood
  • Ladder width: 38 cm
  • Distance between treads: 25 cm
  • Maximum safe loading: 150 kg


  • Made of pine wood
  • Anti-slip profile
  • W: 7cm / L: 34cm / T: 2cm


  • Hatch opening rod
  • Red safe handrail as standard