As times change, the needs of the market evolve with them. Regular wooden loft ladders may serve their purpose in most homes, but if you're truly looking for an eco-friendly solution, e.g. if you're outfitting a passive house, eco loft ladders are the best way to go about it. Give yourself access to your loft in the most energy efficient way possible with Eco Thermo Wooden Loft Ladders. Offering high durability and exceptional energy efficiency the eco thermo line of loft ladders consists of three sections that fold together, allowing for you to conserve space in your loft while making sure none of the thermal energy escapes from the area. Its unique structure allows the eco ladder to perform with the same efficiency as any other loft ladder, offering maximum security and stability, while helping you save energy costs at every step. The eco thermo loft ladder adds an additional layer of protection that other loft ladders don't have, making it a perfect, energy saving solution for your home.

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The eco thermo loft ladder may look like an ordinary loft ladder, but if you look inside, you'll find that it's anything but! Take a look at its specification to find out exactly what you're getting!
As with any loft ladder, the eco thermo loft ladder requires some assembly. Take a look at our installation guide to find out how to properly install your loft ladder.
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